Polymorphic Turtle Bag

Convertible bags
Base price with tax 224,00 €
Sales price 168,00 €
It is an ideal backpack for your travels!
Product Dimensions:
37 cm x 43 cm || 15 in x 17 in


The polymorphic Turtle bag is made of truck and car inner tubes. It is an ideal backpack for your travels, and 5 different ways to wear it.

It consists of two adjustable straps that you can adjust to the height you want.
At the back of the bag there are 4 zippered pockets and four cases for your personal items, and a large single space inside for your clothes or the things you want.
It is waterproof and has an internal zipper for greater safety on the go!
You only choose how you want to wear it! Available in many different colors.

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